WOMAD 2015 tickets on sale now

WOMAD tickets now on sale

WOMAD 2015 tickets on sale now.

From Thursday evening performances through to Sunday night delights, WOMAD Charlton Park 2015 dates are Thursday 23 - Sunday 26 July 2015.

“With hundreds of artists from everywhere in the world, everyone's WOMAD will be different,” The Evening Standard, 2010.

WOMAD brings artists from all over the world to a location known for its rolling hills, green trees and rural beauty. Discovery is the key, and musical revelations causing spine tingling sensations are rife.

And its not just a spectators party, get involved.
Taste The World Food and conversation - artists prepare & cook their favourite dishes with a side order of spontaneous music. Savour the experience.
Adult workshops Step into the world of the artist - opportunities for cultural exchange, active participation, collaboration and musical exploration.
And for the littlest Artists from far and wide share ideas, skills and enthusiasm over a weekend of making and creating large and small scale artworks, all displayed on the final celebratory procession.
Site Art Explore the decorative site art amidst the trees in the arboretum, seek out the pockets of the quirky, fun and interesting all over the festival site.

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19 November 2014