Technical information

South Street is currently undergoing a major refurbishment. The below is at present only indicative as some things will change (and be improved). We will update as soon as possible.


There is a black tab upstage running from floor to ceiling and all the way across the room. The main hall can be arranged in two basic formats, Theatre and Cabaret/Band.

In theatre format raked seating is built with a maximum capacity of 121 and black dance-floor is laid on the floor giving a performance area 30ft (9.15m) wide and 20ft (6.1m) deep in front of the tab.

In cabaret/band format (seated 125 / standing 220) a 2ft (0.61m) high stage is built from 14 pieces of 8ft (2.44m) x 2ft (0.61m) steel deck. The stage is 24ft (7.315m) wide by 10ft (3.05m) deep with two cut outs in the downstage corners each being 4ft(1.22m) wide and 2ft(0.61m) deep where the PA speakers usually sit.

There are 6 10ft (3.05m) x 5ft (1.52m) flats, complete with braces and stage weights.


There are 48 x 10amp hardwired dimmer circuits (please email for lighting grid plan). These are controlled by an ETC Ion lighting desk complete with a 2 x 20 way fader wing. The lighting grid is 15ft (4.5m) from the floor apart from the 2 side bars which are 10ft (3m) from the floor. The lanterns available are;
• 10 x 743 1kw Fresnels.
• 6 x prelude 650w Fresnels.
• 10 x prelude 650w PC’s.
• 11 x prelude 28/40.
2 x prelude 16/30
• 16 CCT Rockette parcans with various bulbs but mainly CP62. These parcans do not have standard parcan sized frames but take colour the same size as a 743 Fresnel.
More lanterns may be available from other venues, please contact the technical department for details.



The sound system consists of 2 stacks of D & B speakers each consisting of 2 x C7 SUBS and a C7 TOP. The sound desk is a Soundcraft K3 32:8:2/1 with 8 auxiliary sends. Out board equipment includes;

2 x CD players.

1 x mini-disc player.

1 x twin cassette player.

2 x Yamaha SPX 90 effects unit.

1 x Yamaha SPX 2000 effects unit.

8 x Channels of graphic equalisers, 2 on the FOH mix and 6 on the monitor mixes.

6 channels of BSS Compressors

2 x Drawmer Quad Gates

There are 5 monitor speakers (EM Acoustics EM10s) that can all be run on separate amplifiers and auxiliaries. There is a multi-core that runs between the control room and the stage. It carries 24 channels and 4 returns. There are two SM58 microphones and two DI boxes. There is a comprehensive stock of microphones held at the Hexagon which are available subject to the programming needs of Reading Arts.

Rick Bull, Technical Manager
(0118) 9372001 - email Rick Bull

Tim Liddle, Chief Electrician
(0118) 9372008 - email Tim Liddle