Autistic Pride Reading

Venue: Macdevitts South Street (Directions)

Sun 18 Jun, 15:00


Come and learn about / celebrate Autistic Culture with autistic people on Autistic Pride Day 2017.

Featuring the Edinburgh Show "Guerilla Aspie" by the renowned Paul Wady, this event also includes a showing of the award-winning Epidemic of Knowledge by Autistic Advocate Carly Jone, plus a filmed interview of her work representing autistic women in the UN and the British Government; two fascinating in-depth looks into the inner workings of the autistic mind with "Imagination" by Jane Osborne of Autistic Pride Reading and "Positively Autistic" by Chris Memmott of Autism Oxford.

Kicking off with a poignant look into the challenges faced by Autistic people in Israel (but reflected world wide) in the film "High Functioning" which follows the story from diagnosis to identity and self realisation. 

Bar, buffet food and quiet space available. Please contact the organiser via email or check the website for further details

Ticket information

£12, £3 unwaged (including ticket fees)

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