The Musical Bear 'Records' Live Review

Venue: Macdevitts South Street (Directions)

Sat 16 Apr, 19:30


You’ve probably never heard of Musical Bear ‘Records’, Readings very own bedroom run indie label.....that might be because it’s run on a budget of exactly zero pounds and doesn’t even release records! 
However, even with these considerable limitations, over the last year it has released several singles and a couple of albums worldwide in digital format. Sneaking in through the backdoor of all the major online music stores to ensure that at least it’s eclectic rosta of acts can be discovered by an unsuspecting audience. 
Musical Bear ‘Records’ prides itself on having no strict musical style agenda - if they like it, they put it out and the bands playing at The Musical Bear 'Records' Live Revue demonstrate this eclectic ethos wonderfully: 
H.A.T.Y.M & Uncle Peanut - ‘like David Shrigley or Modern Toss put to a cheap post punk combo of Casio keyboard pre-sets, Sham 69 and The Fall.’
The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show - 'Five piece Americana/Country/punk outfit. Think CSNY meets The Band and has a fight with The Sex Pistols'
Kodiak Island -  'a band armed with more than their fair share of wonderful psychedelic folk songs ’ 
Skylephant - 'after thirty years out of the game, Musical Bear ‘Records’ convinced Mark (the man behind Skylephant) to come out of retirement and show the people how it’s done. You’ll be pleased that they did'
Fellow label mates Kill Commitee provide DJ duties on the night. 
All proceeds ago to the Messy Club special needs drop-in playgroup in Reading.

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Tickets are £5.50