Luke Daniels

The Polyphon Chronicles

Venue: Macdevitts South Street (Directions)

Thu 26 Oct, 20:00


Award-winning singer and composer Luke Daniels returns with his Electrophon machine to play his beautifully crated songs and intriguing instrumental music.

Luke has designed and built a brand new musical instrument for his latest show called the 'Electrophon.' It combines traditional source material new music technology, syncing step motion from the resonating steel comb of a c1880 polyphon machine with digital and midi time code to create new instrumental music and songs on 20" steel discs with which he plays guitar, melodeon and sings.

Luke performed at Celtic Connections and Cambridge Folk Festivals this year and played an official showcase at the US Folk Alliance Conference in Kansas City.  His past work as a soloist includes performing with the London Philharmonic Orchsestra, the Riverdance band and Cara Dillon.

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  • "a genius"

  • "a future classic"

  • "an enchanting delight"

    **** The Guardian