Spiritual Jazz with Saxophonist Johnty Wilks

Venue: Macdevitts South Street (Directions)

Sat 4 Feb, 19:15

Door time: 19:00



Spiritual Jazz with Saxophonist Johnty Wilks.
Johnty Wilks on saxes and wind synthesizer and K Darling on Bass, Berimbau and programing.

UK Saxophonist Johnty Wilks, takes you on a journey of ambient, improvised melodic jazz to beautiful backdrop projections. Johnty's soft mellow sax tone, combined with electronics and the Brazilian K Darling on Bass/programming, brings influences of relaxing nordic jazz, the warmth of Brazil, jazz noir soundscapes and Ibiza chillout to their concerts.

"Johnty holds his audience similarly spellbound a tour-de-force performance of free flowing improvisation, supported by the gentle heart-beat of K. Darling’s U-bass and the evocative backing of his electronic orchestra" - ALT READING

"His sound is cool, instantly captivating and reminiscent of Jan Garbarek and the late Paul Desmond. Eyes tightly closed, he improvises freely; richly melodic phrases flow endlessly from his imagination" - THE JAZZMAN BLOG

Support comes from Russ Sargeant - a bass player based in Dudley in the Midlands, who produces the most exquisite ambient, relaxing, bass sounds together with electronics, vocals, synths and looping technologies.

The concert will also feature stunning relaxing visuals and in the second half of the concert, these will be  combined with fantastic animated footage from a new computer game that is taking the gaming industry by storm "Abzu" a game that invokes deep inner peace when played. 

In the first half we will projecting footage such as the sun setting behind us, and the turquoise waves of the ocean.
These are videos that we made on location in Brazil, Ibiza and Formentera last year and we combine this with our deeply relaxing live music to create a blissful, immersive experience. 

In the second set we will project the computer game Abzu behind us and as we play live.
Abzu is a wonderful new computer game with stunning visuals and is based on the inner peace and sense of freedom that are frequently experienced by scuba divers.  
What we like about the game is that it is induces a feeling of inner peace and serenity for the player. It really makes you feel you are in the ocean and produces feelings of freedom, creativity, inner exploration and openness. In that way the games is transformative, rather than combative as with many computer games.

These values and intentions totally overlap with what we are doing with our music -  To invoke and create feelings of deep inner peace and contentment and, if one allows, to also use it for inner exploration. Our music when played live also has a improvised and "here and now" quality to it and this also fits in with the philosophy that the makers of the of Abzu had in mind.

We also are very thankful to the makers of the game, "Giant Squid" who are based in Los Angeles, California and have given us permission to project the game while we are playing.

Sounds here:
Jazz noir with a meditative feel
Liquid Love
Deep Peace
Blissful Moments

Ticket information

Tickets £17 in advance, £20 on the door

ABZU Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 - ORCAS AND AMAZEMENT (PS4 Exclusive Gameplay 1080p)

ABZU Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 - ORCAS AND AMAZEMENT (PS4 Exclusive Gameplay 1080p)