The Concert Hall Information for Promoters / Hirers

Centrally located within The Town Hall complex, the Concert Hall is one of the finest of its type in Britain.

Originally built in 1882 it was restored in 2000 and features traditional horseshoe seating with a surround balcony and thrust stage, which stimulates a feeling of participation and closeness between audience and performer. The Concert Hall also houses the restored Father Willis Organ, which boasts superb acoustics.
The stage can accommodate approximately 40 musicians with choir seating behind for 80 singers. No flying facilities. No wing space. Not suitable for dance. Get-in access, via piano lifts which enables equipment to be loaded at street level and taken directly to the stage.


A wide array of national and international artists and ensembles provide a varied programme of classical music, organ recitals, blues, jazz, folk, acoustic pop & rock, stand-up comedy, and lectures to suite all tastes. The Concert Hall creates an intimacy and experience unique to each performance making it the ideal location for corporate presentation and functions as well as world-class events.

Booking Terms

By negotiation


700 All seated concert
(576 flat floor Stalls + 204 Balcony)
600 Standing downstairs


6 Dressing Rooms - separate showers and toilets.


Can be provided by in-house caterers. Limited facilities for tour caterers.


Severely restricted. Space for loading/unloading and then all vehicles directed to nearest car park. Nearest public car parks - Reading Station, Queens Road, Garrard Street.


Level access to wheelchair seating - six spaces available. On-street disabled parking available adjacent to main entrance.

Call us on 0118 937 3400

Reading Concert Hall
Technical Specification
Blagrave Street, Reading. RG1 1QH.

The Concert Hall has a thrust stage which is 9m wide x 6m deep x 1.17m high.
Entry to the stage is by means of four sets of steps, two sets upstage entering either side of the Father Willis Organ, and a set mid-stage on either side. 
Load-in access is via a Piano lift which enables equipment to loaded at street level and taken directly to the stage (note this is a goods lift only & personnel may not remain on the platform when it is use). 
There is no in-house masking kept at the venue as The Concert Hall has choir seating to the rear of the stage and there are no facilities to create a black box.
Please Note: Town Centre location so limited parking – please call to discuss
Lighting Specification
The Concert Hall has a fixed lighting rig which has additional in-house dimmers to allow you to add your own ground support or floor lighting.  Although the Rig is fixed, it contains a number of moving fixtures and we consider it flexible enough for most events. Please contact the Technical Department for more details.
Sound System
Centre Cluster
The centre cluster comprises of 2 d&b Audio C7 full range clusters and 4 d&b C6 cabinets. The C7 units are angled to provide coverage to the rear balcony and flat floor (Stalls) areas. The four C6 units are located on either side of the C7 units and are directed to cover the side of the balcony and remainder of the stalls.  The cluster is run in mono, configured and controlled such that the C6 units can be switched off when the balcony is not in use.
Ground Stacks 
Left and right ground fill stacks consist of one C7 and one C7 Sub. These units are free standing and are plugged in as required.
Front Fills
Stage front fill is provided by 2 d&b E3 units.
The mixer is a Yamaha QL1 and is located in the back of the balcony. Overall equalisation, delay and level control is to be provided by an XTA DP448 at the same position. Equalisation is fully parametric and has a minimum of 8 bands per channel.
The outboard equipment at the desk is as follows:
• 1 x CD player
• 1 x KT DN4000 Stereo Parametric EQ on F.O.H system
• 4 x KT DN300 Mono Graphic Equalisers 
The microphones and DIs available are:
• 2 Shure SM58 Beta
• 4 Sennheiser G3 recievers using either;
• 4 Sennheiser G3 Hand held microphones
• Or 4 Sennheiser G3 belt packs c/w MKE2 mic heads
• 4 BSS ar116 DI boxes
• 1 Klark Teknik DN200 Active stereo DI Box
• 1 Hive industries passive 3.5mm stereo jack DI box
Stage Monitors
Six Martin Audio LE 400c stage wedge monitors are provided for main monitoring together with the two E3 units for any additional local speech or soloist monitors.  The monitor loudspeakers are fed from a mobile monitor amp rack which contains 4 channels of amplification. This may be located in the control room or side of stage. There is no additional monitor desk, fold back is mixed from FOH using a maximum of four ways.