Festival of Digital Disruption

Creative Funding

Venue: Town Hall (Directions)

Thu 22 Nov, 13:00


An afternoon of speakers sharing their funding stories. We’re connecting with the finance community for this one. We’ll have talks from crowd funding platforms, VCs and angel investors through to bootstrapped start-ups to shed light on the truth about showing the money

Keji Mustapha, Investors aren't just $$
Merlie Calvert, Tackling the fundraising paradoxes
Darron Anley, The Siren journey so far

Keith Teare, Thinking big and acting small
Weerada Sucharitkul, Launching my creative start-up
Mads Faurholt & Lars Tvede, Building your business from start to success

Jurek Sikorski, 50 Changers panel - Dan Hyde, Katrina Larkin and Suzie Walker

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