Mnozil Brass 2019

Venue: Hexagon Theatre (Directions)

Sun 10 Mar, 15:00


"Cirque" is the name of the latest string of the seven brass instruments by Mnozil Brass, who, as always exploring the limits of their instruments, enter the arena to counteract the monkey circus of everyday life with music and humor, transforming it into a small, fine flea circus even if only for a few hours ...

Come! Listen! Amaze!

They are staunch supporters of the thesis that the world is round. And they made another discovery over the course of their 24 years, especially in their legendary performances in the Rocky Mountains, Shibuya and Ühlingen-Birkendorf: Again and again - even with the most intimate cantilenas - there were completely unexpected salmon blasts in the audience.

The troubled musicians immediately became self-conscious, but even they could not explain the reactions of those lost souls among the spectators. Undaunted, Mnozil Brass went their way, the seven men have a mission that they steadfastly bring under the people:

Come on, people indulge in our Elysian game. But Zapperlott! The laughter did not get any less - it got stronger, louder !!! Almost you could no longer hear your own tuba, so much did people howl outside in the country. And there slowly matured with the seven friends the realization that man then but occasionally tends to happiness and it must simply burst out of it. For almost a quarter of a century. At least at Mnozil Brass.

In summary: The world is round. Man laughs. In short, the world is a circus. Just Cirque. Sounds better.

Ticket information

£30.50, Under 16s: £23.50, 
Early bird: if booked before 25 December : £27.50   
Groups 10+: £25.50, Schools 10+: £17,     


Mnozil Brass "Cirque" Promo long

Mnozil Brass "Cirque" Promo long

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Hexagon Theatre

Queens Walk
Sat Nav - RG1 7TQ


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