Technical information

•    Stage

There is a black tab upstage running from floor to ceiling and all the way across the room. The Theatre can be arranged in two basic formats, Standing Audience and Theatre. 

In Standing Audience format a 2ft (0.61m) high stage is built from 15 pieces of 8ft (2.44m) x 2ft (0.61m) Steeldeck. The stage is 24ft (7.315m) wide by 12ft (3.05m) deep with two cut outs in the downstage corners each being 4ft (1.22m) wide and 2ft (0.61m) deep where the PA speakers usually sit.

In Theatre format a black dance-floor is laid on the floor giving a performance area 30ft (9.15m) wide. The performance area can either be 20ft (6m) deep allowing a capacity of 114 on raked seating or 13.1ft (4m) deep and allowing a capacity of 142.

There are 5 x 10ft (3.05m) x 5ft (1.52m) flats plus two pairs of 10ft (3.05m) x 5ft (1.52m) book flats available, complete with braces and stage weights.

•    Audio Visual

We have a 4000 lumens HD 1080P projector (InFocus IN128HDX) rigged so that it fills a 4m x 2.3m motorised, retractable screen that is rigged directly in front of the black tab upstage. There is a VGA cable running from the projector to the control position.  We also have a system that will take a VGA, DVI or HDMI input and send it to the projector over digital twisted pair where it is converted back into HDMI and fed into the projector.

•    Lighting

We keep a fixed standard rig for most shows that do not require a specific design and consists entirely of LED fixtures (Please contact us if you require a plan). If a specific rig is required we will rig around our fixed rig which is always left in position.

The lighting grid is 15ft (4.5m) from the floor apart from the side bars which are 10ft (3m) from the floor. The generic lanterns available are;

13 x 743 1kw Fresnels.

6 x prelude 650w Fresnels.

10 x prelude 650w PC’s.

11 x prelude 28/40.

2 x prelude 16/30.

16 parcans with various bulbs but mainly CP62.

More lanterns may be available from other venues, please contact the technical department for details.

There are 48 x 10amp hardwired dimmer circuits (Please
contact us if you require a plan). This is controlled by an ETC Ion lighting desk, complete with a 2 x 20 way fader wing and 2 screens, one of which is a touch screen.

•    Sound

The sound system consists of 2 D&B C7 Tops and 4 C7 Subs arranged in two ground stacks driven by 2 D&B D1200 amplifiers. We have 5 EM Acoustics M10 monitor speakers driven by 3 Yamaha PL5 amplifiers. Both the FOH speakers and each monitor channel have a Klark Teknik graphic equaliser in line on the desk output. If left switched off they will have no effect on the signal.

The sound desk is a Yamaha QL5 and has numerous on-board graphic equalisers and effects units. We also have a CD player and a Minidisc player.

There is a multicore that runs between the control room and the stage. It carries 32 channels and 8 returns to 2 x 12 channel, 2 return stage boxes and the last 8 channels and 4 returns on a facility panel on the upstage wall.

The microphone stock at South St is as follows;

3 x SM58 Beta

2 x SM57 Beta

2 x AKG 451/ck1 condenser mics

1 x AKG D112

2 x Sennheiser 609

2 x AKG AR113 active DI boxes

2 x EMO passive DI boxes

There is more sound equipment available in the way of microphones and DI boxes, please contact the technical department for details.

Rick Bull, Technical Manager
(0118) 9372001 - email Rick Bull
Tim Liddle, Chief Electrician
(0118) 9372008 - email Tim Liddle