Deep Funk Night

Venue: Macdevitts South Street (Directions)

Sat 17 Mar, 20:30

Door time: 8pm

Sold out


Deep funk night with DJs Papa Funk & Mama Delica, with jamming and extended mixes by cool local Berkshire music producers and live musicians (e.g., keyboards, Bass, Saxophone, Percussion). 8.30pm - 11pm Sat 17th March 2018

Come for a night of deep, non-commercial funk from the 1970s (e.g funk bands like early Cameo, Stanley Clarke, Early commodores, The Barcays, Lakeside, Manu Dibango,  Slave, early EWF, Parliament, etc.) seemingly mixed with deep house producers and  musicians creating loops, jams and improvisations plus some well know funk classics and rare groove to keep everyone happy and grooving. DJs Papa Funk & Mama Delica, a male and female dj and musician team, pioneered mixing in the mid 1970s and will play “underground funk” classics from the day that are rarely played or missed by the younger rare groove DJs nowadays. Come along for an authentic night of hidden gems, funky keyboards, grooving and sometimes weird bass lines, and driving pulse driven beats. 

Ticket information

£6.50 advance, £9.50 on the door