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CRASH! A Better Britain II: Britlins

Venue: Agency (Directions)

Sat 27 May to Sat 15 Jul
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27 May to 15 July 2017
Thames Tower, Station Road, Reading RG1 1LX, UK

In Britlins, Scott King and Matthew Worley propose a template for a whole new society.
Can you remember:
• When you could leave your back door unlocked?
• When we all ‘mucked in together’?
• When summer seemed to last forever?
Britlins is the vision of The Conglomerate, a select group of maverick MPs, self-made businessmen, and ageing celebrities, who want to turn back the clock on Broken Britain and restore it to the magical days of their youth.
Drawing on a collective nostalgia for the micro-societies that were 1970s holiday camps, The Conglomerate is determined that their past shall be your future.
A new publication by King and Worley will be launched at the opening of the exhibition:

CRASH! A Better Britain II: Britlins
Softback, 56 pages, 297mm x 210mm
Artworks by Scott King
Texts by Matthew Worley
Designed by Scott King and Fraser Muggeridge studio
Published by Reading International
ISBN: 978-1-912115-72-3

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